Horse Halters

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A horse halter plays a critical role in controlling your horse. Whether you are training, showing, leading, tying, saddling, catching or trailering your horse, a halter is a must. Because it is one of the most frequently used tack items, you need something durable and reliable.  

At South Texas Tack, we offer a variety of high-quality halters for horses, from basic rope styles to decorative leather. We have a full assortment of all types of horse halters, including:

  • Grooming
  • Shipping
  • Breakaway
  • Training
  • Combination halter/bridle
  • Show

No matter the style of horse halter you choose, you can rest assured that your horse will look and feel comfortable wearing their halter with the proper fit and a careful hand. 

Halters come in a wide range of sizes. Make sure the halter is snug but easy to pull on and off. Too much slack looks sloppy and may allow the halter to get caught on something or slip off. Take extra care when trailering your horse because a halter that rubs repeatedly can cause sores. Adding fleece to the halter helps prevent injury.

Halters are an important part of your horse's daily routine and safety. No matter the type you need, you’ll surely find the best halters for horses at South Texas Tack.