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It may be one of the most basic elements of a horse's headgear, but the bridle plays an important role in leading your horse where it should go. A bridle combines the following into one piece of tack that all work together to communicate with the horse.

At South Texas Tack, you’ll find an array of western bridle products. Our collection includes beautifully designed show bridles, as well as a variety of high-quality headstall sets. You can find whatever size you need, from pony and cob to horse and oversized. 

We have type and color options so your headstall set can show off your personality. Adorn your horse in a simple yet tasteful basic nylon design or splurge on one of our gorgeous, show-stopping leather products. No matter what you choose, you'll be glad you came to South Texas Tack. 

Our online store offers affordable bit and bridle products that can appease both horse and owner. We have options designed for a bit and those without. Shop around and discover all the outstanding horse-leading equipment we have to offer!