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Piggin string is also known as tie-down rope and goat string. It is a must-have for rodeo tie-down ropers, cowboys and ranchers. Whether you are competing or branding calves, tie-down rope will help you complete tasks with ease.

Browse our inventory to find the roping equipment you need for your next roping event or managing livestock. Shop our selection of pigging strings and other roping accessories for quality at the best prices.

Other Uses for Pigging Strings

Piggin' string is a very versatile rope that is a useful addition to your rope kit. This short, thin piece of rope is used to tie up young livestock after it is lassoed, usually by tying three or four feet together. But the size and weight of goat string make it convenient for many other uses, including:

   - Horse hobble
   - Emergency bridle
   - Opening and closing gates that are difficult to move
   - Gate fastener

Keep some tie-down rope on your saddle or chaps so it's ready when you need it.

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