Roping Dummy Models & Supplies

As the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect." That's certainly true when you use a roping dummy from South Texas Tack to sharpen your skills. Featuring trustworthy brands like Drag Steer and Smarty Training, our collection of steer roping dummies and supplies is full of exceptionally-made products. Whether you're a novice or an old pro, we've got just the right roping dummy for you. Shop our selection of roping dummies for sale today!

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The Micro Dragsteer Roping Dummy
The Micro Dragsteer Roping Dummy

Micro Dragsteer

Roping Dummy

Table Top Size


Hand Painted PVC

2 Mini Ropes Included 

9" H X 20 1/2" L with 9" Horn Spread


Mustang Junior Steer Head w/Rods
Mustang Junior Steer Head w/Rods

This Mustang junior steer head has a 11 1/2" horn spread. It comes with removable spikes. The steer head can be used by inserting the spikes into a bale of hay or straw, or can be attached to a junior steer head stand.

Mustang Steer Head w/Rod
Mustang Steer Head w/Rod

This Mustang steer head has a 23" horn spread and is made from black plastic. It comes complete with removable spikes. The steer head can be used by inserting the metal spikes into a bale of hay or straw. Made in Texas.

Mustang Collapsible Roping Dummy Stand
Mustang Collapsible Roping Dummy Stand

The all steel roping dummy stand collapses down completely flat for ease when it comes to transporting. The steel tubing is powder coated for extra protection and includes three metal stakes to secure the stand into the ground. Also, the metal head plate is universal and will fit most models of roping heads. Assembled dummy is 23"H x 43"L.


  • Head in picture not included

Rope It Up Speed Steer Replacement Horns
Rope It Up Speed Steer Replacement Horns

Replacement horns for the Speed Steer Roping Dummy. These horns give the dummy a horn span of 28". Made of durable plastic and with hexagon fixtures. These horns will last for practice run after practice run. 



28` Horn span

Durable Plastic

Hexagon attachment mechanism

Ty Tuff Jr Goat Tying Dummy - Half Size
Ty Tuff Jr Goat Tying Dummy - Half Size

This 18" tall Jr Goat Tying Dummy is perfect for the younger goat tiers of all ages and levels to practice on. It is properly proportioned similar to a small goat and created with movable legs that make positioning for wrapping and typing just as easy! This dummy weighs around 6 to 7 pounds. This dummy is durable and flexible, with life like legs that give you a realistic simulation of a live goat. Small and portable enough to use anywhere, pack the Ty Tuff in the trailer or in your car. 

  • Height 18"
  • Length of Block 17"
  • Weighs 6-7 lbs

Smarty Roping Dummy Smarty Roping Dummy
Smarty Roping Dummy

Realistic Corner for Heelers - Riding your horse in the correct position is vital to increasing your odds of catching. If you use a machine that cuts the corner when it turns, it forces you to compensate by adjusting your position. Now, with Smarty, you can ride in the same position as you would in a live run. 

Realistic Dallying - Smarty's legs come together and pull back like a real steer. The combination of the expanding hitch and leg mimic the jerk you get in a live run.

Realistic Leg's - Smarty's leg's are solid and not like the plastic legs on other machines. Because of this, when your rope hits the legs, they feel and sound authentic.

Easy to Pull - Smarty rides on wide skis and is light-weight so that your ATV doesn't take the wear and tear you would get with heavier machines.

Easy to Break Down - Have you ever wanted to take you dummy apart and take with you. Well, now you can. Just pull a few pins and you can load it in your truck or trailer by yourself.

Removable Body - Take the Smarty body off and rope it on the ground. The body was perfectly designed as a ground dummy so that Smarty would be all you need for your practice sessions. Also, heelers can rope the legs like a saw horse once the body is removed.

Turn Loose Horns - These aren't your normal turn-loose horns. Now headers can make a full run and when they face, the rope will pop off from the front.


Horns Length: 25 inches

Dimensions: 14' x 36' x 46'





Rodie The Calf Roping Dummy by Rope It Up Rodie The Calf Roping Dummy by Rope It Up
Rodie The Calf Roping Dummy by Rope It Up

Rodie the calf roping dummy by Rope It Up is the answer to your calf tying practice makes perfect.  Sturdy wood construction and exhibits live-like movement with each wooden leg.  Easily assembled and rigged with bungees for more realistic engagement.  Right at 30 pounds.


  • wood construction
  • easily assembly
  • life-like movement
  • joints rigged with bungees
  • 30 pounds

Smarty Sidekick Roping Dummy by Smarty Training Smarty Sidekick Roping Dummy by Smarty Training
Smarty Sidekick Roping Dummy by Smarty Training

This is the Sidekick by Smarty Training; it is a ground head dummy that is easily taken with you anywhere. It is made of durable low-density polyethylene that can take wear and tear in hot and cold weather. Featuring a easy grip handle to make it easy to practice anywhere you go.


  • Low-Density Polyethylene
  • Easy Grip Handle 

Pipes Heeling Dummy by Smarty Training Pipes Heeling Dummy by Smarty Training
Pipes Heeling Dummy by Smarty Training

This Pipes by Smarty have been perfected to help training and practicing where ever you are. They are designed to be easily loaded into a truck or trailer when you're on the go and simple to assemble or disassemble. It is made out of a durable black powder coated metal with realistic legs and feature an adjustable height option for your personal preference. 


  • Black Powder Coated Metal *current stock*
  • ** 2021 version is green and black **
  • Adjutable Height 
  • Easy Assemble/Disassemble 
  • 36 x 23 x 15 inches

Smarty JR Roping Dummy by Smarty Training Smarty JR Roping Dummy by Smarty Training
Smarty JR Roping Dummy by Smarty Training

Presenting the breakaway dummy, the Smarty Jr. This dummy was designed to be the top of the line designed by Allen Bach. Easy to set up on your ATV or 4-Wheeler you're going to have a great quality practice going after this dummy!


  • Easy Grip
  • Breakaway Dummy



Shorty Roping Dummy by Smarty Training Shorty Roping Dummy by Smarty Training
Shorty Roping Dummy by Smarty Training

This Shorty is going to be ideal for junior ropers. It features a horn base that is close to the average steer for a realistic feeling head loop and spring-loaded legs that pull back and together as you dally for that pullback feel. It is constructed of durable low density polyethylene that makes it easy to handle wear and tear in hot or cold weather. 


  • Low Density Polyethylene
  • Horn Base is Average to Steer
  • Spring-Loaded legs
  • Easy Assembly 

Smarty Xtreme Roping Dummy from Smarty Training
Smarty Xtreme Roping Dummy from Smarty Training

This briliant Smarty Xtreme is a great hopping device that is a key tool when it comes to mastering your timing. Developed by 4X World Champion, Allen Bach, who was determined to give customers what they wanted. This machine is as close to a live steer as possible, down to the stride of a steer he strives for perfection. Featuring LED lights on the back of the legs that was designed to help heelers see when the legs are at the highest point of jumping. Dallying is just like live cattle how the legs come together when you dally. 


  • LED Lights on Legs
  • 6 Feet Between the Tow Bar and Legs
  • Turn Loose Horns
  • Included: Battery & Charger for LED light system


Heel-O-Matic Super Slider Roping Dummy
Heel-O-Matic Super Slider Roping Dummy

The Superslider from Heel-O-Matic is perfect for youth ropers, family roping, and community jackpots. The rugged design can handle hard hits and maintain stability in tight turns.  This is a low maintenance roping dummy that doesn’t need expensive batteries, to be plugged in, or recharged. It’s great for families with young ropers and ropers of all ages. It is designed to be roped from the ground. 


  • Wheels now come standard
  • Dally kit
  • Stability in tight turns
  • No electricity or batteries needed
  • Handles hard hits
  • 26 inches tall
  • 43 inches long
  • 26 inches wide




Trainer Roping Dummy by Heel-O-Matic
Trainer Roping Dummy by Heel-O-Matic

Heel-O-Matic is excited to introduce the brand-new TRAINER.This innovative roping dummy features a completely new hop sequence that has been studied and perfected over the past several years. The new hop is the EXACT replica of a live cattle in tow, and has even been matched correctly to live cattle movements by a mechanical engineer professor from Baylor University. Ideal for headers and healers and families that rope together, this is THE roping dummy machine to own if you want the PERFECT PRACTICE!


  • Patented hopping motion that replicates the actual movement of live cattle in tow
  • A fixed tongue and shorter frame produces realistic maneuverability and quicker reaction times for you and your hourse
  • Controllably repeat your runs and prepare to accurately calculate your steer's speed regardless of cattle type
  • Develop muscle memory by roping at the same angles as a live steer for a consistent, accurate loop
  • Practice controlled handles with our rotating head and collapsible horns
  • Realistic head will help you rope cattle deep around the eyes and wide legs keep your loop exaggerated to more consistently catch two feet

The Heel-O-Matic Drifter The Heel-O-Matic Drifter
The Heel-O-Matic Drifter

The Drifter training system allows you to train a heel horse to both you and the steer. This training system improves a driver’s ability to create a wider variety of realistic corners. The behaviors of different types of cattle, including fresh steers and older steers, can be more closely replicated with adjustable amounts of washout. The collapsible legs produce a hide-like feel.  You will experience a more realistic feel. This realistic experience extends from dally to finish. The spring loaded tongue negates much of the jerk experienced by drivers, the machine, and your roping horse. This encourages a strong finish to the saddle horn. The machine suit reduces slipping from the plastic and provides a more realistic rope action. The initial contact of the head loop is deadened. The machine suit also aids in creating consistent washout action. 

  • Three-stage washout
  • Collapsible deluxe legs
  • Spring-loaded tongue
  • Machine suit


Speed Steer Roping Dummy
Speed Steer Roping Dummy

Used and endorsed by cowboys of all ages! The life size Speed Steer roping dummy is made of plastic that gives you the look and feel of roping a real steer. It has a carry handle and the horn span is 26"-18".


  • Horns are not adjustable

Heel-O-Matic NEX Calf Roping Dummy
Heel-O-Matic NEX Calf Roping Dummy

The Nex is a state of the art calf roping dummy that has been created to train and improve the skills of breakaway ropers, calf ropers, and dally ribbon ropers. The wide base creates stability, which prevents tipping, sliding, and slipping. The hide like feel recreates the feel of a calf and won’t let your rope slip. The long neck and head angle help you keep your tip down and make your curl kick back up while roping. This stable roping dummy is highly portable, weighing in at only 29 pounds. 


  • Hide-like material
  • Long neck
  • Sturdy wide base
  • 29 pounds


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More Information About Our Roping Dummies Selection

South Texas Tack is proud to offer premium roping dummies and supplies to help you perfect your skills and become a rodeo champ. When you shop our selection, you can count on getting top-quality items and unparalleled service. To get the practice you need with products you can rely on, browse our roping dummy models and supplies.

[FAQ] How Tall Should a Roping Dummy Be?

To get the best practice with a roping dummy, you typically want its legs to be 24 inches wide and 6 inches off the ground. These height and width proportions will help a novice learn the art of roping and perfect his or her skills.

[FAQ] What Can I Use to Attach Roping Dummy Heads?

Roping dummy heads are quick and simple to attach. Most roping dummy heads come with removable spikes that can easily be inserted into a bale of hay or straw. For a more realistic experience while you practice, you can attach roping dummy heads to a device like the Mustang Roping Dummy Stand.

[FAQ] When Will My Order of Roping Dummies Ship?

Whether you're browsing our roping dummies for sale or any of our products, we will do everything in our power to ship your order in a timely manner. When an order is placed Monday to Friday by 2:00 PM CST and we have the product in stock, we'll ship it on the same day. Once your order has finished processing, we'll send you a confirmation email along with a tracking number. To keep tabs on your roping dummy shipment and see updates in real time, simply click "Order Status" at the bottom of our homepage and log in with your email and password.