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Reins are the pieces of equipment that connect the horse's bit to the rider's hands for proper control and guidance while riding. And because they are used to hold a powerful horse back, it's vital to have well-designed, durable and dependable reins. Discover popular choices from top brands at South Texas Tack.

We believe the more options, the better! This is why you can browse through hundreds of our fabulous styles, materials, colors, widths and thicknesses of reins. From rubber and laced to leather and nylon reins, you'll have the opportunity to find the best fit for your specific needs. 

Whether you're searching for a western rein or split reins, you'll undoubtedly find what you're looking for in our extensive horse rein collection. Discover the best reins for your horse at prices that fit your budget when you shop at South Texas Tack today!

Horse Reins for Every Style

Horse reins are an essential mode of communication between a horse and its rider. They are used to cue and control direction and speed, so choosing the right reins for horses can make all the difference between a great ride and a complete disaster. South Texas Tack has a wide range of horse reins for sale to suit every style of riding.

Leather Reins vs. Rope Reins for Horses

Leather reins for horses should be soft, supple enough to lay nicely and easy to hold. Low-quality leather tends to be stiff and isn't worth the money. Steer clear of poor-quality rope reins too. Subpar rope tends to fray, and the ragged condition makes the reins more likely to attract burrs, etc. Rope reins are wider and softer on your hands than leather reins but will absorb more water or sweat.

Regardless of whether you choose leather reins or rope horse reins, you want to make sure you are buying quality materials, especially with split reins. You'll find many cheap horse reins for sale, but despite their low price, they are typically not a good value because of their poor quality.

It's best to choose a high-quality leather, or a thick marine-type or braided rope, with a good weight because reins made from inexpensive, lightweight materials make it harder for your horse to feel the rein and respond to your rein aids.

FAQs About Horse Reins

Below are some common questions about reins for horses. You can find additional information on our FAQ Page or contact us. We're happy to help!

What Are the Most Common Types of Horse Reins For Sale?

Horse reins are pieces of tack that help riders guide and signal their animals. They are attached to the bit or headstall with one end, and the rider holds the other. The four most common Western horse reins are:

  • Split Reins
  • Roping Reins
  • Romal Reins
  • Mecate Reins and Bosal

How Do I Choose the Right Kind of Horse Rein?

Western reins typically come in split reins and closed reins. The type of horse reins you choose depends on your riding style and personal preference.

Split reins are not attached to each other, so they allow you to hold each end individually as well as together in one hand. Split reins are the most versatile type of horse rein. — they allow you to apply a neck rein, direct your horse using one rein, hold the reins in different positions and more.

Split reins are usually longer than looped reins, are highly adjustable and should be sized for your horse. Many riders like that if you happen to drop one of the split reins, it cannot get caught on the horse's leg.

Closed reins are a single continuous loop and are excellent choices for trail riding, barrel racing and other performance events. Less experienced riders may prefer closed reins for horses because they are easier to hold, and there isn't a loose end that can be dropped. They're typically used by ropers or people racing in speed events.

What Should My Roping Reins' Length Be?

Roping reins for horses need to be long enough to handle the various maneuvers you'll be doing when roping. The roping reins' length depends on the event and your personal preference.

Choose a horse rein that lets you ride with a loose rein and relaxed hands. Split reins generally are between 7' and 9' long and range from 1/2" or 5/8" inch wide. Cotton, nylon and leather roping reins frequently have snaps on the ends so you can attach them to the bit easily and buckles to adjust the length.

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Shop Quality Reins for Horses

When you want top-notch horse reins at affordable prices, look no further than South Texas Tack. From leather roping reins and braided rope reins for horses to saddle pads and chaps, you'll find just what you need. Discover the best horse reins for sale online — shop today!