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Show Sheen Showring Shine 32 oz.
ABSORBINE Show Sheen Showring Shine 32 oz.

  • Hair polish
  • Detangler
  • Provitamins
  • Silk proteins
  • Light mild scent
  • Reduces static issues
  • Repels dust and dirt

Nourish the coat while protecting from debris and static. ShowSheen Hair Polish and Detangler is designed to speed the grooming process while nourishing your horses coat. 

Black Magic Show Halter Medium
WEAVER LIVESTOCK Black Magic Show Halter Medium

 Don’t let the look of your show halter distract the Judge from seeing the true attributes of your animal. The glossy black hardware of this black show halter allows for an unhindered look at your calf’s features and the buckles let you get a secure fit. Ideal for black cattle, this is a show halter that has classic lines that will keep the eye focused on what’s important in the ring.


Black Hammertone Show Halter
WEAVER LIVESTOCK Black Hammertone Show Halter

 Tone on tone halter and hardware in black. The rugged Hammered hardware has a modern edgy look that will maintain its style and withstand strenuous use. This is a truly durable piece that will highlight your animal’s appearance in the ring.


Show Number Harness
WEAVER LIVESTOCK Show Number Harness

 It's all been leading up to this. You have put in the hours and the sweat. Now it's show day and it's time to put your best foot forward. When it's all on the line, look professional and put together in the arena. Make sure the Judges see you and know your number by proudly displaying it with the Weaver Number Harness. 

Deluxe Adjustable Sheep and Goat Muzzle
WEAVER LIVESTOCK Deluxe Adjustable Sheep and Goat Muzzle

 Prevent picking, biting, and eating from bedding without restricting water intake. This deluxe muzzle is made from heavy-duty Cordura material, vinyl coated mesh, nylon crown strap, adjustable round cone shape, and cloth binding to protect edges and comfort. 

Leather and Chain Goat Collar
WEAVER LIVESTOCK Leather and Chain Goat Collar

This chain comes in three lengths and uses snap fasteners for a customizable fit that will be perfect every time. This is one of Weavers most popular goat chains, and it’s easy to see why. The rolled soft smooth leather is supple in your hand. This chain will give you all the control you need, feel great in your hand, and fit your animal just right every time.


Poly rope Sheep Halter in Multiple Colors
WEAVER LIVESTOCK Poly rope Sheep Halter in Multiple Colors

 A poly rope halter designed with both humans and sheep in mind. Integrated slip knots, a four foot lead, and soft braided "ski rope" round out this must have barn item. Quickly and easily adjusts to your animals' size and shape, light weight, and durable. A fun variety of colors makes this sheep halter attractive as well as functional. 

ProSheen Concentrate
WEAVER LIVESTOCK ProSheen Concentrate

Nourish, moisturize, and protect hair with this concentrated formula that includes vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5 and sun barrier.  Daily application protects hair follicles from becoming bleached out, adds lustrous shine, and repels dust. Uses silicone oil, silicone blend, and broadband UV absorbers. Get ultimate shine and ultimate protection from a product that can be used daily and will never dry sticky. 

Pig Face Brush

Made of soft hog hair, this brush is perfect for sensitive areas, sensitive hides, and even white pigs. The smaller size fits right in your pocket and makes for a great show day companion or daily use tool. Versatile enough to be used for show day touch ups and cleaning clipper blades.  

Swine Conditioning Spray
WEAVER LIVESTOCK Swine Conditioning Spray

 The perfect show ring shine starts at home way before show day. Optimize the hide health of you pig with this daily use restorative treatment. Specially formulated moisterizing spray that replenishes natural oils and reduces dryness and irritation. 

Whitening Shampoo
WEAVER LIVESTOCK Whitening Shampoo

For use on all white and light colored livestock. This shampoo removes stains while brightening and whitening the hair coat. Specially formulated to nourish the skin and hair for a clean, healthy and beautiful end result.


Single Door Galvanized Showbox
WEAVER LIVESTOCK Single Door Galvanized Showbox


Space for a blower, gallon sized products, clipper boxes, and other large items without breaking the bank or your back. The lowest shelf is perfect for big things and the integrated dolly system will save your back on show day. This 4 foot model is perfect for those who need storage but don’t feel the need to transport the whole barn. Quality galvanized steel construction. 

47 Inch Show Stick

 Classic aluminum show stick available in two distinguished colors. A 47 inch length for those who prefer a shorter stick in the ring or are working with smaller animals. Strong aluminum shaft if either silver of black and comfort grip rubber handle in traditional black.  

$12.49 to $17.50
Extra Large Aluminum Show Stick
WEAVER LIVESTOCK Extra Large Aluminum Show Stick

 The extra large 68 inch long show stick is ready to help you showcase your animal with its extensive reach. Go with the monochromatic black with black handle or reflect a little light with the silver option also with black handle. Both come with the Weaver rubber handle that is comfortable to work with and are made of aluminum. 

Large Carbon Fiber Show Stick
WEAVER LIVESTOCK Large Carbon Fiber Show Stick

 A large carbon fiber show stick that has a 60 inch shaft and a black grip. This is a light weight option that has all the functionality of an aluminum stick at half the weight. Classic black on both the shaft and rubber handle is the perfect nod to the traditions of cattle showing. This is a show stick that semlessly blends updated technology with an appreciation for the past. 

 Beaded Goat Collar

Beaded goat show collar from Weaver Leather Livestock. This goat collar measures 24 inches overall and is 1 inch wide. It includes 10 inch oil rubbed bronze chain with bolt snap. The leather is stamped and hand beaded. This goat collar will help you up your game in the ring and draw the judge’s eye to your animal.

Intel Gel Handle Pig Whip
WEAVER LIVESTOCK Intel Gel Handle Pig Whip

 Hot Pink, LIme Green, Black, or Purple. This is a good looking whip made even better with Intel Gel Handles which prevent slippage and hand fatigue. A 42 inch long whip that will help you stay focused in the ring on your animal and the Judge, instead of your hands.  

$19.49 to $27.50
Plastic Sheep Muzzle
WEAVER LIVESTOCK Plastic Sheep Muzzle

 Control food intake without compomising your sheep's ability to drink water. This muzzle has a flexible nylon shell that stands up well to both heat and cold and weather resistant Brahma Webb straps that are easy to clean and won't dry out or soak up lanolin like leather straps. 

Sale Price:$11.49
Savings: $7.46
Showbox Cleaner

 You take pride in your show day appearance. Keep your show box just as fresh and presentable with a cleaner that effectively cleans, shines, and protects. This environmentally safe and biodegradable formula in non-abrasive, has no oily residue, and works on brushed and polished steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, mirror chrome, polished chrome, copper, brass, and enamel. 

Brahma Webb Pronged Lead Cattle Chain
WEAVER LIVESTOCK Brahma Webb Pronged Lead Cattle Chain

At least once in your career (But probably more than once!) you are going to find yourself working with a strong willed animal that needs a little extra encouragement. This is a perfect tool to have in your hands when training. The blunt prongs on this lead chain will help you get their attention without causing any actual harm. It has the look of leather without the problem you would run into with weather, dirt, and the inevitable bit of slobber. Easy to clean and attractive, this is a great chain to help control suborn or hard to handle calves. 

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