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Longer than their rodeo cousins, ranch ropes range between 50 and 60 feet in length and are perfect for catching cattle and horses. When you want top-quality ranching rope for roping activities, South Texas Tack has you covered. We're proud to carry a wide variety of durable styles from trusted brands like Cactus Ropes, Dub Grant and more. Shop our selection of ranch ropes for sale today!

A Closer Look at Ranching Rope

If you've been on the hunt for ranch ropes, why not choose the very best on the market? At South Texas Tack, we make it our mission to offer the finest quality of ranching rope available in the industry. Designed with wear resistance, flexibility and ultimate strength in mind, our ranch ropes are here to help you catch cattle and horses with ease. Browse our wide range of ranch ropes for sale now!

[FAQ] What's a Cowboy's Rope?

Also known as a "lasso," a cowboy's rope is tied in a loop and used as a restraint. After being thrown around a target, a cowboy's rope is then pulled and tightened. The cowboy's rope originated in Mexico and was later introduced to the United States.

[FAQ] How Does a Lariat Compare to a Lasso?

The two terms "lariat" and "lasso" basically mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably. When used as nouns, "lariat" and "lasso" stand for long ropes with sliding loops on their ends used for ranching. The terms can also be used as verbs meaning to catch cattle and horses.

[FAQ] What Should I Look for in Ranch Ropes for Beginners?

Beginners should look for ranch ropes that are as soft as possible. We highly recommend ranch ropes for newbies made out of materials like hemp or nylon. In comparison, stiffer ropes are typically harder to manage and make learning more of a challenge.