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Western chaps come in two main types: full-length chaps and chinks, which go just below the knee or mid-calf. Both chaps and chinks increase grip in the saddle and provide protection from brush and the elements. Choosing between the two depends on the weather conditions and what you are going to be doing while wearing them. Regardless of the style you pick, South Texas Tack has the Western chinks and chaps you want at the best prices.  

Chaps vs. Chinks

Western chaps are a classically rugged combination of protection and style. With so many styles to choose from, knowing which kind to buy can be intimidating. Here's some information to help you pick the perfect pair.

Western chinks are often preferred over full-length chaps in warmer climates and when you need to do a lot of work out of the saddle because they are long enough to protect your knees without getting in the way. The extra mobility chinks provide is especially helpful during brandings, working cows or tending calves.

Full-length chaps provide more protection and are better in cold or wet weather. There are many styles, including work chaps, batwing chaps and shotgun chaps, each with a different profile. This variety will let you find the best type of Western chaps for your needs.

Regardless of which you choose, be sure to take good care of your investment and give them a little chap wax every now and then to protect and condition the leather.

[FAQ] Why Am I Not Seeing My Size?

If you are not seeing your size displayed under a particular pair of chaps or chinks, this means that it is out of stock. If only a couple of sizes are displayed, it may be an item we no longer carry regularly, or it could be discontinued. If you would like to check on the availability of a particular size of Western chinks or work chaps as a special order, please call 1-979-421-9072. Please make sure to provide the product code.

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