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Cowboy hats are quintessentially American. Every Texas cowboy knows that it's a required element of looking their best, whether on a ranch or in the boardroom. At South Texas Tack, we only carry real cowboy hats for discerning customers. We have both straw and felt cowboy hats for sale, so you are sure to find one to suit your needs — and your style. For an unbeatable selection and the best designs around, shop our authentic cowboy hats today.

Find Your Tried and True Cowboy Hat Today

Every true cowboy or cowgirl needs an authentic cowboy hat to suit their unique needs and style. When shopping for new Western hats, you'll want to consider the brand, style, material and rating. Remember, the more Xes, the higher the quality. South Texas Tack is proud to offer an incredible selection of quality cowboy hats for sale, so you can be sure you'll find your tried and true hat today.

Learn More About Authentic Cowboy Hats from South Texas Tack

Just as every cowboy is different, every cowboy hat has its own features, style and feel. At South Texas Tack, we want you to love your Texas cowboy hat. So, we're answering some of your most commonly asked questions to help you make the best decision when purchasing your new hat. If you have more questions or need additional information regarding your order, check out our blog or reach out today. We're here to help!

Who Invented Cowboy Hats?

John Batterson Stetson is credited as the inventor of the cowboy hat. Stetson was a famous hat manufacturer from Philadelphia. In 1865, he created the "Boss of the Plains" hat with a round, flat brim and a smooth and rounded crown. It was created using beaver and rabbit fur, as well as fur from other small animals. Because of its sheer durability, the hat became extremely popular, especially with working Westerners.

What Are Cowboy Hats Made of?

Cowboy hats are typically made of either straw or felt. Both materials have their own benefits and serve different functions. Felt cowboy hats are usually worn in the winter to help protect cowboys from harsh weather and temperatures. Straw cowboy hats, on the other hand, are made for the summertime to help protect against the sun and relentless heat.

What Are the Different Types of Cowboy Hats?

There are countless types of cowboy hats and Western fashion hats. But when discussing authentic cowboy hats, there are eight main types to choose from. These include the brick, cattleman, derby, gambler, Gus, open crown, pinched front and Tom mix. You can find these types of men's and women's Western cowboy hats and more at South Texas Tack.