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There are many different Western bits with seemingly endless subtle variations, so choosing bits for horses may be intimidating. But most horse bits are really just different versions of the basics. They may have slightly different features, but all horse bits have the same effect. From correctional and roping bits to snaffles, South Texas Tack has the Western bits and bridle sets that you need.

Questions About Horse Bits?

How do you know which size horse bit to buy? The easiest way is to measure your horse's current bit. If that isn't available, you can use measuring tape or calipers to measure the distance between the horse's lips. A Western bit should extend about a quarter-inch beyond the lips on either side.

The shape of your horse's mouth can also impact how a horse bit fits. Every horse has a unique mouth so different styles of bits will work better than others depending on your horse's anatomy. If his tongue is large and fills his mouth or presses against his teeth it changes the location of the bit in the mouth. An improperly fitting bit can cause missed cues,irritation, injury You may need to try several styles before finding the perfect fit.

We've rounded up some common questions about ordering bits for horses. If you can't find the answer you need, check our FAQs or reach out and we can help.

[FAQ] How Do I Use a Coupon Code for Horse Bits?

After adding Western bits to your cart, click the "Shopping Cart" link at the top of this site. Once in the "Checkout" part of the cart, go to box number three and click Have a Coupon? to fill in a coupon code.

[FAQ] Do I Have to Pay Sales Tax On My Roping Bits?

Sales tax is only charged for orders placed in Texas, where our warehouse is located. All other locations do not need to pay sales tax on Western bits or other products.