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Martin Saddlery manufactures their own saddle trees to ensure optimal product quality and dedicate undivided attention to the fine details in each and every saddle tree they produce. Martin Saddlery is renowned for their custom-made saddles, top-quality bridles, and other strap goods for you and your horse, and you can explore many of their premier products online today.

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Shop the best selection of Martin Saddlery products at South Texas Tack. Famous for their fine details, Martin Saddlery tack are trusted across the industry for being a cut above. So whether you're searching for Martin Saddlery breast collars, saddles, reins, or something in between, be sure to purchase your Martin Saddlery Western equipment from South Texas Tack. And to supplement your horse training and care efforts, take a look at our helpful horse training aids and horse sport boots