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    American Hat Company is committed to producing the finest quality, handmade cowboy hats in the world and has been using the same process for 100 years. The cowboy hat is one of the most recognizable pieces of clothing in the world and represents the traditions and values of the iconic American Cowboy. American Cowboy Hat embodies the spirit of the true American cowboy and continues to provide the finest quality, American-made cowboy hats to you.



    American Hat Company Western Hats Fit Every Style


    Channel the true spirit of the American cowboy with American Hat Company cowboy hats from South Texas Tack. Combining classic styles with premium modern materials, this American-made collection has an option for every Westerner. Whether you're searching for American Hat Company straw hats or felt hats, we have the colors, styles, and sizes you need to embody the essence of the iconic American cowboy. Browse our entire collection of American Hat Company Western hats today, along with our popular cowboy hat accessories.