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Classic Equine Clear Vision Cool Hornwrap Assorted Colors
Classic Equine Clear Vision Cool Hornwrap Assorted Colors

With increased air flow to help prevent moisture buildup and reduce head sores, this Classic Equine Clear Vision is the most breathable hornwrap out there. The impeccable design ensures a clearer vision and straighter cattle run no matter the calf's horn size. The extra heavy webbing has a tough mesh outer layer and is reinforced for durability. Other features include long double stitched straps to help keep from ripping out, extra adjustment holes to fit a wider variety of cattle and protective ear flaps that help reduce sore ears while the cutback design increases the cattle's field of vision. 


Available in colors: Black, Black/Blue, Black/Green and Black/Red


Breathable hornwrap

Mesh outer layer

Double stitched straps

Protective ear flaps



STT Grey Hornwrap - OSFA STT Grey Hornwrap - OSFA
STT Grey Hornwrap - OSFA

The STT Horn Wrap features heavy weight webbing for durability and a vented felt bottom.

** Roping dummy is NOT included**


  • Strong webbing
  • Vented felt bottom
  • Tapered horn holes
  • Protective ear flaps
  • Adjustable webbing strap

The Stinger Horn Wrap The Stinger Horn Wrap
The Stinger Horn Wrap

  • Heavy weight webbing
  • Vented felt bottom
  • Protective ear flaps
  • Tapered horn holes
  • Adjustable outside webbing strap
  • Nickle plated hardware


Protect your rough stock with The Stinger Mustang Horn Wrap. The felt bottom is vented to allow air flow. Heavy weight webbing reinforces these horn wraps providing extra durability. An adjustable outside webbing strap has nickel plated hardware. This horn wrap also features tapered horn holes and protective ear flaps.    

Royal Horn Wrap Royal Horn Wrap
Royal Horn Wrap

Double overlapped felt at horn base provides twice the padded protection. Heavy duty nylon strap holds horn wrap in place. Extra wide ear flap.


  • Double overlapped felt
  • Heavy duty nylon strap
  • Extra wide ear flap
  • Roping dummy is NOT INCLUDED.
  • ** Horn wrap webbing color can vary**



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