Roping Accessories

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Professional's Choice Horn Wrap Professional's Choice Horn Wrap
Professional's Choice Horn Wrap

  • VenTECH felt lined
  • Webbing exterior
  • Adjustable nylon strap
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • One size fits most
  • Red, white, and blue



VenTECH felt lining protects rough stock and adds to their comfort. The outer nylon straps and covering further enhance this protection. This horn wrap is designed to provide protection for the head, ears, and horn base. A stainless steel buckle and strong nylon strap insure fit and security.   

Royal Horn Wrap Royal Horn Wrap
Royal Horn Wrap

Double overlapped felt at horn base provides twice the padded protection. Heavy duty nylon strap holds horn wrap in place. Extra wide ear flap.


  • Double overlapped felt
  • Heavy duty nylon strap
  • Extra wide ear flap



Classic Horn Wrap
Classic Horn Wrap

The Wrap's breathability discourages moisture buildup, which can lead to softness at the ears and horn base, causing sore heads and head tricks. Also available in larger sizes for cast horns. A new design ensures a Clear Vision, no matter the size the horns. Cattle will run truer with no blind spots that can be caused by ill-fitting horn wraps.

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