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Ivermax Equine Paste Dewormer
FIRST COMPANION Ivermax Equine Paste Dewormer

  • Kills important internal parasites, including bots with a single dose
  • Safe to use in horses of all ages, including mares at any stage of pregnancy
  • Provides the broadest spectrum parasite control available. Kills 35 species and stages combined of worms and bots
  • Convenient, easy-to-use syringe allows for fast application

10lb. Strongid C 2X
PFIZER 10lb. Strongid C 2X

Protect your animals with a daily de-wormer that gets added to their daily grain ration. Is considered safe for horses of all ages and reproductive status, including foals, mares and stallions. Effective against a wide range of parasites and kills Strongylus vulgaris larvae before they can damage the vital organs or grow to adulthood and produce eggs that contaminate pastures. Delivers 2.11% pyrantel tartrate. 

50lb. Strongid C 2X
PFIZER 50lb. Strongid C 2X

Reduce the buildup of parasite eggs with a daily feed treatment. Provides daily dose of 2.11% pyrantel tartrate into the gastrointestinal tract. Effective against large and small strongyles, ascarids, and pinworms. Safe for pregnant mares and foals. To be used as a top dressing to daily grain feeding. 

Anthelcide EQ Paste
ZOETIS Anthelcide EQ Paste

Broad spectrum de-wormer that uses 22.7% oxibendazole as its active ingredient. Is for the control and removal of threadworms, large and small strongyles, pinworms, and roundworms. Considered safe for foals, pregnant mares, and breeding stock. 

Quest Plus Gel
ZOETIS Quest Plus Gel

 Is approved for the removal and control of large strongyles, small strongyles, encysted cyathostomes; Ascarids, pinworms, hairworms, largemouth stomach worms, stomach bots and tapeworms.

Zimecterin Paste
MERIAL Zimecterin Paste

 Zimecterin is packaged in convenient, easy to use, calibrated dosing syringes. Each syringe contains sufficient paste to treat one 1,250 pound horse. Kills internal parasites, including bots and arterial stages of S. Vulgaris.

Panacur Paste
INTERVET Panacur Paste

 Panacur effectively deworm your horses and ponies of large and small strongyles, pinworms and ascarids.

Farnam IverCare Paste
FARNAM Farnam IverCare Paste

The most complete bot control available. Kills some benzimidazole-resistant strains of small strongyles. Can be used on horses of all ages even young foals.

First Companion Equistrength
FIRST COMPANION First Companion Equistrength

This is an economical way to treat pinworms, roundworms, and large and small strongyles in horses and ponies. Easy to administer apple flavored paste in a convenient oral syringe that contains 3.6 grams pyrantel pamoate per syringe. Get the correct dose every time with a syringe that is clearly marked in 300 pound increments. Each syringe treats up to 1200 pounds. 

Equimax Paste
BIMEDA Equimax Paste

Equimax is quite different from all other horse dewormers. It contains 1.87% Ivermectin and 14.03% Praziquantel. A product that treats tapeworms and is safe for foals as young as 4 weeks old. Designed to be used against Tapeworms, Lungworms (adults and fourth-stage larvae),  Large-mouth Stomach Worms (adults),  Large Strongyles (adults), Small Strongyles (adults, including those resistant to some benzimidazole class compounds), Small Strongyles (fourth-stage larvae), Ascarids (adults and third- and fourth-stage larvae), Pinworms (adults and fourth-stage larvae),  Hairworms (adults), Bots (oral and gastric stages), Intestinal Threadworms (adults) Summer Sores and Dermatitis caused by Neck Threadworm. Considered safe for breeding stallions, pregnant mares, and foals over 4 weeks of age. 

Quest Gel
ZOETIS Quest Gel

Paralysis and eliminates parasites and bots. Safe for use in horses and ponies over six months.   Easy to use gel in an oral syringe containing 2% moxidectin. Permits parasite and bot control with only four treatments per year, delays reappearance of strongyle eggs for 84 days, and kills small strongyles in the encysted state with a single dose.

Safe Guard Paste
INTERVET Safe Guard Paste

Get general parasite control in rotational deworming that is safe for even foals and pregnant mares. Has a great apple-cinnamon taste and comes in an easy to use oral syringe. Effective against pinworms, large strongyles, small strongyles, and ascarids. Safe-guard is a 10% fenbendazole paste formula in a 25 gram paste tube. 

Safe Guard Equi-bits
INTERVET Safe Guard Equi-bits

Equine de-wormer that is an alfalfa-based pellet that allows you to feed and deworm in one single step. Uses 0.5% fenbendazole as an active ingredient. Is safe to use for almost all horses, including pregnant mares and foals. For use in the control of large strongyles, small strongyles, pinworms and ascarids.

Strongid Paste
ZOETIS Strongid Paste

For use in horses and foals for the removal and control of mature infections of large strongyles, small strongyles, pinworms and large roundworms.Equine wormer that removes and controls resistant small strongyles, bloodworms, large roundworms, and pinworms. Contains 3.6 grams pyrantel pamoate in each easy to use oral syringe. This is a safe and effective de-wormer that can be used for foals, breeding stallions, and pregnant mares.

Panacur Powerpac Dewormer
INTERVET Panacur Powerpac Dewormer

 The Panacur Powerpac contains five, 57 gram syringes of Panacur. Administer one tube a day for five days for complete treatment for a 1250 pound horse. The Panacur Powerpac's active ingredient is fenbendazole highly effective at removing large strongyles, small strongyles, pinworms, and ascarids or round worms. Recommended for use if you get a new horse or twice a year.

**Always consult your veterinarian before administering any dewormers**

Zimecterin Gold Paste
MERIAL Zimecterin Gold Paste

 Zimecterin Gold protects against more species and stages of parasites, including tapeworms, than any other brand.

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