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Patrade Utility Bandage Scissors
Patrade Utility Bandage Scissors

These utility scissors are must have for every barn and trailer. Great for cutting bandages.


  • 7" scissors
  • Black color
  • Blunt tip to avoid harming your animal

Vetrap 4
Vetrap 4" Bandaging Tape

  • Measures 4" x 5 yards
  • Self-adherent
  • Layers “bond” together
  • Strongest holding power on the market
  • Conforms to reduce risk of slipping and gives strength where it matters


Vetrap 4' Bandaging Tape is the preferred choice by the majority of professional horse trainers and veterinarians. 3M Vetrap measures 4" x 5 yards.

Leg Dress Leg Wraps 4 pack
Leg Dress Leg Wraps 4 pack

These Sullivan Leg Dress wraps are just what you need to protect the leg wool on lambs and leg hair on goats. The fleece material supports full coverage on the leg with a 3" width that guarantees a smooth wrap, while the velcro closure keeps the wrap securely in place. This dress wrap comes in a four pack.


Machine washable

Tumble dry low heat 

Dimensions: 7.00x 6.50 x 2.50 in

Sealtex Latex Bandage
Sealtex Latex Bandage

  • Latex
  • Self-sealing
  • Water proof


Sealtex is a latex bandage made in the USA. It is an effective leg wrap that can also be used as a bit wrap, to protect the nose from the noseband. The surface won’t collect dirt, mud, or barn dust because it has no mesh or weave. This smooth bandage sticks only to itself and needs no fasteners or adhesives. Sealtex won’t absorb water or slobber.  

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