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Flex Wrap EZ Tear Bandaging 4
Flex Wrap EZ Tear Bandaging 4" Roll Assorted Colors

From Aspen-Vet, this is a breathable, self-adhesive elastic bandage that is easy to apply, tears easily and sticks only to itself. Ideal for use as a leg wrap, running bandage, tail wrap or to help hold other bandages in place. Available in Lime Green, Black, Blue, Red, and White. 

Easy find beginning

Soft feel

Strong and durable

Sticks great

Stretch length 5 Yards

Vetrap 4
Vetrap 4" Bandaging Tape

  • Measures 4" x 5 yards
  • Self-adherent
  • Layers “bond” together
  • Strongest holding power on the market
  • Conforms to reduce risk of slipping and gives strength where it matters


Vetrap 4' Bandaging Tape is the preferred choice by the majority of professional horse trainers and veterinarians. 3M Vetrap measures 4" x 5 yards.

Mustang No Bow Bandages
Mustang No Bow Bandages

The Mustang no bow bandages are good for treating some injuries like strainied tendons. It's soft so it's comfortable for the horse and the easy to use so you should have no problem doing the wrapping. Set of 2.

Guard-Tex Self Adhering Vet Leg and Tail Wrap 3
Guard-Tex Self Adhering Vet Leg and Tail Wrap 3"x30yds

Self Adhering Tape by General Bandages, Inc. which is perfect for wrapping tails, use on legs or bandages.


4 rolls per package


Won't pull hair or leave a residue


Roll is 3" x 30 yards


Wood Neck Cradle
Wood Neck Cradle

This Neck Cradle by Partrade Trading Company is made of wooden dowels and beads to help prevent horses from tearing blankets or gnawing on wounds. Consists of four 20" dowels on each side with four 18" dowels in the middle with nylon straps and metal buckles to secure. Smallest it will adjust to 38" at top and 44" at bottom

Neck Cradle

Wood dowels nd beads

Nylon Straps with metal buckles

Patrade Utility Bandage Scissors
Patrade Utility Bandage Scissors

These utility scissors are must have for every barn and trailer. Great for cutting bandages.


  • 7" scissors
  • Black color
  • Blunt tip to avoid harming your animal

Sealtex Latex Bandage
Sealtex Latex Bandage

  • Latex
  • Self-sealing
  • Water proof


Sealtex is a latex bandage made in the USA. It is an effective leg wrap that can also be used as a bit wrap, to protect the nose from the noseband. The surface won’t collect dirt, mud, or barn dust because it has no mesh or weave. This smooth bandage sticks only to itself and needs no fasteners or adhesives. Sealtex won’t absorb water or slobber.  

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