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Western Ranch Supplies

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Ultra Hoof Polish Clear 6.8oz
Ultra Hoof Polish Clear 6.8oz

This clear hoof polish produces a long lasting glossy finish on hooves that also seals out and repels dust. The large dauber provides a faster and easier application and the non-drip applicator ensures a no waste precise application with less mess. Made in USA.


Hoof polish (clear)

Glossy finish

Non-drip applicator

6.8 oz

Sale Price:$9.99
Savings: $1.51
Hoof Alive 1/3oz Lip Care
Hoof Alive 1/3oz Lip Care

All purpose salve contains lanolin, glycerin, safflower oil, almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, wheat germ oil, aloe, lecithin and vitamin E. Natural lip balm to keep chapped lips moisturized and healthy. 


Hoof alive

Lip balm

13 oz



Sale Price:$3.98
Savings: $0.97
Riders Rasp Replacement
Riders Rasp Replacement

Riders Rasp allows users to safely and effectively round their horse's hooves to retain and prolong balance between professional trims and improve the overall condition of a horse's hooves. The ergonomic design fits all hands and a soft, no-slip grip to protect the hands. This unique tool is made for rounding, not removing the hoof wall. 


Stainless Steel Protective Plate

Replaceable rasp

No-slip grip handling




Sale Price:$24.98
Savings: $11.52
Ultra Black Highlighter 15oz
Ultra Black Highlighter 15oz

Ultra Black Highlighter is here at South Texas Tack!! It adds depth and definition to face, eyes, ears and muzzles. Creates intense highlights while moisturizing the skin. The highligher does not run or drip in hot weather. Anti-static agents help to repel dust and dirt. Made in the USA. 15OZ Jar.


Ultra Black Highlighter

Depth and Definition enhancer

Face, Eyes, Ears, and Muzzles

Moisturizes Skin

Anti-Drip and Anti-Static

Made in the USA

15OZ Jar

Sale Price:$11.99
Savings: $2.96
Plastic Sweat Swipe Scraper
Plastic Sweat Swipe Scraper

This plastic sweat scraper is safe, rugged and is contoured to effectively remove sweat or water from the horse.


Available in colors: Neon Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Black, Purple and Pink


Sweat scraper

Curved design

Removes sweat and water

Sale Price:$0.99
Savings: $0.51
Lister Clipper Blade Sets
Lister Clipper Blade Sets

Fits the Lister Laser 2 (hairhead only), Legend and Star Clippers

Coarse Blade - This is a strong teethed blade making it ideal for clipping dirty or muddy animals. Ideal for Alpaca and Llama hair also. CA2/AC Coarse blade, 2.5mm

Fine Blade - For close body clipping of horses, clipping the heads and bellies of cattle and for slick shearing of lambs and goats. A2F/AC Fine blade, 1.4mm

Medium Blade - Suitable for general clipping, yet ideal for times when leaving a little more hair is required. A2/AC Medium blade, 2.5mm

Surgical Blade - Clips very close to the skin and is suitable for surgical preparation. 1mm






Sale Price:$39.99 to $51.99
Drying Towel
Drying Towel

The most ideal drying towel that is good for use at home or at the show on your sheep or goats. This will it become a show box necessity.Care Instructions: machine wash, tumble dry on low heat

Sale Price:$10.90
Savings: $0.09
Nylon Braided Bucket Strap
Nylon Braided Bucket Strap

Nylon Braided Bucket Strap

5/16" x 28"

Assorted Colors Available

Braided Nylon Rope

Sale Price:$3.49
Savings: $1.00
Heavy Wire Cone Muzzle with Head Stall
Heavy Wire Cone Muzzle with Head Stall

Control your horses eating with this heavy wire cone muzzle, which restricts eating but allows for drinking, . A wire formed muzzle with heavy coating and a cushioned edge. Secures with an adjustable nylon headstall and throat strap. Can be worn over halter it by itself.


Heavy Duty Wire

Adjustable Nylon  Strap

Sale Price:$38.99
Savings: $14.96
Vinyl Coated Muzzle with Headstall - Red
Vinyl Coated Muzzle with Headstall - Red

The Vinyl Coated Muzzle is designed so the horse can eat or drink normally but cannot tear blankets, bite people, crib or chew wood. Made with 1/4'' steel bars with nylon headstall. 


Nylon Headstall

Steel bar cage


Sale Price:$34.99
Savings: $6.96
Curicyn Hoof Care Kit - Single Pack
Curicyn Hoof Care Kit - Single Pack

Curicyne Hoof Care Kit is designed to address bacteria at the source and promote rapid healing. Ideal for treating white line disease, thrush, and even hoof abscesses. This single kit contains: a molded rubber boot, an absorbent and adhesive hoof pad with an integral delivery tube, and a 3oz. bottle of Curicyn. 


  • Powerful ingredients
  • Treats variety of hoof ailments
  • Non-irritating formula

Sale Price:$12.99
Savings: $4.00
Dragsteer Big Hop Roping Dummy Dragsteer Big Hop Roping Dummy
Dragsteer Big Hop Roping Dummy

The Big Hop red roping dummy from Dragsteer is a heeling tool designed to be functional and easy to take along to rodeos or team ropings.


  • Durable construction
  • Folds easily for convenient storage
  • Easily assembles 
  • Great for ropers of all ages
  • Weights 32 lb

Sale Price:$259.99
Savings: $40.00
Space Saver Saddle Tack Pad
Space Saver Saddle Tack Pad

The Space Saver Saddle Tack Pad holds up to 10 pads or blankets, 4 headstalls/halters, and 4 saddles.


  • 64” Tall
  • 115 lbs
  • 54” Wide
  • 32” Deep

Sale Price:$499.99
Savings: $88.96
Tail Tamer Small Synthetic Brush
Tail Tamer Small Synthetic Brush

This smaller brush is designed for a kid or lady's hand. It does not feel big or clunky or uncomfortable to handle. Synthetic bristles are hardy and durable for a long lasting brush. Measurements: 3 1/2" x 2 1/4"


Synthetic bristles

Designed for a smaller hand

3 1/2" x 2 1/4" 


Sale Price:$5.49
Savings: $2.00
Little Giant 11
Little Giant 11" In-Fence Feeder

11" In-Fence Feeder from Little Giant. These durable in-fence feeders are made from high impact polyethylene plastic. These feeders are portable and easy to install on fencing using either the provided heavy-duty metal clips or by wall mounting using fencing staples/lag screws (not included). Capacity for liquids is 4.5 quart or 4 quart for dry feed.


  • 11" In-Fence Feeder
  • Durable high impact plastic
  • Portable and easy to install with provided clips
  • Can also be mounted to walls
  • 4.5 quart liquid capacity/4 quart dry capacity

Sale Price:$7.98
Savings: $0.97
High Country Plastics Trailer Helper Tire Jack
High Country Plastics Trailer Helper Tire Jack

Trailer Helper from High Country Plastics is a medium duty jack that offers a quick and safe way to change flat tires on most tandem axel trailers. It has a built in carrying handle that makes for easy transferal.


  • Medium duty jack with a steel powder coated gray
  • Has a diamond plate finish
  • Intended for use on two and three horse trailers
  • Built in carrying handle



Sale Price:$38.99
Savings: $5.96
EQyss Micro-Tek Equine Shampoo 32oz
EQyss Micro-Tek Equine Shampoo 32oz

EQyss Micro-Tek Equine Shampoo is fast acting soothing product made with natural and botanical ingredients. Can be used on animals of all sizes. Excellent for soothing red irritated skin and aids in creating a healthy environment for healing.


  • Soothes irritated/red skin
  • Helps with itching/burning/scratching
  • Human grade ingredients 
  • Will not strip essential oils from coat and skin
  • Floral fragrance

Sale Price:$18.45
Savings: $2.05
Over The Top Wash Unit Over The Top Wash Unit
Over The Top Wash Unit

Over the Top Wash Unit provides the best in safety by eliminating dragging hoses from tangling around the horse or their feet. This keeps the hose high above the horse's head, which makes it easy to move quickly and quietly. Measurements are 1" inside diameter, 1 1/4" outside diameter with powder coated tubular steel. The boom rotates and extends out from 4' 2" to 8'. Comes with steel boom system, 25' 3/4" garden hose, and spray nozzle.


  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Unit mounts directly to wall
  • Mounting hardware and installation instructions are included

Sale Price:$79.99
Savings: $20.00
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