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Heel O Matic NEX Calf Roping Dummy
Heel O Matic NEX Calf Roping Dummy

The Nex is a state of the art calf roping dummy that has been created to train and improve the skills of breakaway ropers, calf ropers, and dally ribbon ropers. The wide base creates stability, which prevents tipping, sliding, and slipping. The hide like feel recreates the feel of a calf and won’t let your rope slip. The long neck and head angle help you keep your tip down and make your curl kick back up while roping. This stable roping dummy is highly portable, weighing in at only 29 pounds. 

  • Hide-like material
  • Long neck
  • Sturdy wide base
  • 29 pounds


Heel-O-Matic Bones Heading Dummy
Heel-O-Matic Bones Heading Dummy

Made of durable, molded plastic, the Bones’ dimensions were carefully chosen to create the most realistic heading dummy on the market. The built-in handle and 45 pound total weight make the BONES easy for anyone in the family to transport.
  • Heel-O-Matic
  • Bones
  • Heading dummy
  • Realistic
  • Horn wrap included



Dragsteer Big Hop Roping Dummy Dragsteer Big Hop Roping Dummy
Dragsteer Big Hop Roping Dummy

The Big Hop red roping dummy from Dragsteer is a heeling tool designed to be functional and easy to take along to rodeos or team ropings.


  • Durable construction
  • Folds easily for convenient storage
  • Easily assembles 
  • Great for ropers of all ages
  • Weights 32 lb

Heel O Matic NS16 Calf Roping Sled
Heel O Matic NS16 Calf Roping Sled

Pull your Nex or Bones 2.0 roping dummy behind an ATV or four-wheeler. The NS16 is ideal for both calf ropers and breakaway ropers. The adjustable height allows you to practice roping smaller tie down calves and larger breakaway calves. You will be able to practice throwing a correct loop, thanks to the longer tongue design.

  • Roping sled
  • Long tongue
  • Adjustable height
  • Uses Nex or Bones 2.0 dummies


Heel O Matic Ultimate Ground-Driven Trainer
Heel O Matic Ultimate Ground-Driven Trainer

The Ultimate Ground-driven Trainer is designed to a create realistic roping experience for headers and healers. The spring-loaded tongue is square, which prevents tipping during sharp corners. Jerk is also reduced. This helps protect your ATV.  Your horse will learn to gather and stop correctly because of the steer-like stretch. Your rope won’t slip off the hide like material and the re-engineered dally bracket is more durable. This training system also has a recessed area that allows you to use an optional toe flap. The speed of the hop his controlled by the variable pulley system and speed. This lets you recreate realistic runs and perfect every aspect of your roping technique. 

  • Realistic hop
  • Belt-driven pulley system
  • Variable hopping speed
  • Simulates different cattle types
  • Life like roping simulation
  • Square tongue
  • Spring loaded tongue
  • Reduced dally jerk
  • Deluxe leg package
  • Prevents rope slide
  • Re-engineered dally bracket
  • Optional toe flap
  • Mechanical tension arms
  • Packed and sealed shaft bearings
  • Turning head collapsible horns
  • Rear leg dally kit
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy assembly


The Heel-O-Matic Drifter The Heel-O-Matic Drifter
The Heel-O-Matic Drifter

The Drifter training system allows you to train a heel horse to both you and the steer. This training system improves a driver’s ability to create a wider variety of realistic corners. The behaviors of different types of cattle, including fresh steers and older steers, can be more closely replicated with adjustable amounts of washout. The collapsible legs produce a hide-like feel.  You will experience a more realistic feel. This realistic experience extends from dally to finish. The spring loaded tongue negates much of the jerk experienced by drivers, the machine, and your roping horse. This encourages a strong finish to the saddle horn. The machine suit reduces slipping from the plastic and provides a more realistic rope action. The initial contact of the head loop is deadened. The machine suit also aids in creating consistent washout action. 

  • Three-stage washout
  • Collapsible deluxe legs
  • Spring-loaded tongue
  • Machine suit


 Leap Steer Team Roping Dummy
Leap Steer Team Roping Dummy

Help your child develop an open swing, smooth delivery, and a crisp head loop. The Leapsteer is only 25 pound and 17 inches tall, making it the perfect child friendly header dummy. The medium sized horns and horn wrap combine with the hid-like feel to create realistic conditions. Your child will build their skills and their confidence as they learn to handle their rope. 


  • Ideal for kids
  • 25 pounds
  • 17 inches tall
  • Medium horns
  • Horn wrap
  • Hide-like material




Heel-O-Matic Hox
Heel-O-Matic Hox

Take your heeling practice on the road with a light weight and collapsible roping dummy. The Hox is a fully adjustable heeling roping dummy that can be installed on trailers, stalls, and fences. The height is adjustable and the legs can be locked into place or left swinging. The wide legs have a hide-like feel that keeps your rope from slipping. Almost endless scenarios can be created by adjusting the legs and the height. Maintain your skills on the go with the most realistic stationary heeling dummy available. 

  • Only 21 pounds
  • Compact and portable
  • Travels easily
  • Hide-like wide legs
  • Multiple leg settings

“CHARLIE” Calf Roping Dummy
“CHARLIE” Calf Roping Dummy

  • Rugged and durable
  • One-piece
  • Reduces rope wear
  • Perfect for training and practice sessions
  • Weighted with either water or sand
  • 4' long




Calf Roping Dummy Sled
Calf Roping Dummy Sled

Designed to use with Charlie, the Calf Roping Dummy Sled hitches to an ATV or tractor for tracking and practice. Charlie not included.

Heel O Matic Bones 2.0 Roping Dummy Heel O Matic Bones 2.0 Roping Dummy
Heel O Matic Bones 2.0 Roping Dummy

Bones 2.0 is the most realistic heading dummy on the market. It has a lower headset and an anatomically correct head. The standard medium horns are interchangeable with other Bones horn sets. A realistic hide like feel and the horn wrap provide you with an accurate rope feel. The 45-pound weight means almost anyone can pick this roping dummy up, but the wide base will not slip, slide or tip during practice. Headers can practice proper swing angles and loop placement with this system, which will help create muscle memory.  The back-storage compartment hold supplies or can be used as a drinks cooler. 


  • Lower headset
  • Anatomically correct head
  • Realistic hide-like feel
  • Medium horns included
  • Fits all standard Bone horns
  • Horn wrap
  • Won’t slide or tip
  • Back storage compartment
  • Only 45 pounds




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