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Roping is a dirty job, and ropes often take a beating. The best way to preserve your ropes is to store them properly in a rope bag or can for protection. Rope cans and rope bags not only make carrying your ropes easier, but they also help keep them clean and extend their life. Browse our inventory to find the best rope bag for your needs.

Rope Bags & Rope Cans

You might be wondering what the best rope bag is, but the first thing you should consider is what you are roping. Calf ropes are typically made of manila, grass, poly or a combination of materials and are more susceptible to heat and humidity than other rope types. Team roping rope bags don't need to be sealed tight because the nylon or blended ropes used aren't as susceptible to the weather. Rope bags are soft and made of durable quilted nylon, Cordura or leather. They should be large enough to hold your coiled ropes comfortably and have a wide opening for easy access. Make sure the rope bag you purchase has a reinforced base and storage pockets to keep all your roping accessories.

A rope can is hard plastic and has a tight seal, so it's easier to maintain the proper conditions. A rope can is also preferred when dressing your ropes with baby powder — just shake 'em up and you're ready to rope.

[FAQ] What is the Best Way to Properly Store Roping Ropes?

The first thing to do is to make sure there isn't any dirt on your rope. Hang it on a nail or in a trailer and brush off any debris. After the rope is cleaned off, it's time to put it away. The best way to store roping rope is in rope bags or rope cans, with the honda (eye) straight. Never lay down the rope with the honda twisted because this will ruin the rope. Team roping rope bags are built just for this task and will keep your ropes in tip-top shape. A rope bag keeps your ropes clean and coiled properly, and it helps them last.

[FAQ] Can I Exchange My Rope Bag?

We allow exchanges when the following conditions have been met:

  Rope bags must be returned within 30 days of purchase.
  All rope bags must have all of the tags attached, be in their original packaging and be in their original, new condition.

The customer is responsible for any shipping charges related to exchanges and returns. All sales are final for sale and clearance items.