Reining Saddles

Reining saddles are designed for competition in reining events. A high-quality, close contact reining saddle helps the rider achieve a better run and improved form, which results in higher scores. This type of saddle is designed to help keep the rider in a properly balanced position while allowing close contact to quickly communicate moves to your horse. They are also appropriate for training.

Our reining saddles feature forward-hung stirrups designed to seat you back and deep for fast starts and stops. Whether you are just starting in the sport or are a professional reiner, we have reining saddles for sale that will help your performance and make sure you look good too.  Discover styles with stamped leather patterns, tooling and silver accents that help you look good as you bring home a win.

Here at South Texas Tack, we have an array of high-quality reining saddles for sale to put your best foot forward in your performance. If you're hunting for one of the best reining saddles available today, we believe you'll be pleased with our collection. Take a look around! 

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