Calf & Head Ropes

From each loop to every knot, the art of roping requires durable calf and head ropes. South Texas Tack is proud to offer a wide variety of calf ropes for sale from the brands you know and trust. Available in multiple colors and s, our selection of calf ropes has everything you need for the rodeo. Shop our head and calf roping equipment today!

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Cactus Ropes Tsunami 25' 4 Strand CoreTX Breakaway
Cactus Ropes Tsunami 25' 4 Strand CoreTX Breakaway

This brand new breakaway rope was designed by Hall of Fame Cowgirl, Lari Dee Guy. The Tsunami is a 4 strand with the Cactus CoreTX. The rope is pre-cut to 25' and is ready to go straight to the arena. The consistent balance allows intentional placement of your first swing. 

"The only rope I've ever used that has complete balance, stays open, but still closes tight around the neck!" -Lari Dee Guy

Available in sizes: 9.0, 9.5, & 10



Breakaway Rope

4-strand Cactus CoreTX

Pre-cut to 25'

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More Information on Head & Calf Ropes

When you want roping done right, South Texas Tack has you covered with all the head and calf rope essentials. We're dedicated to providing exceptional calf and head ropes at affordable prices. Best of all, with our entire collection of calf ropes for sale, you get premium products made with exceptional quality. Shop our selection today!

[FAQ] What Is a Good Calf Rope for Beginners?

Calf roping beginners should start with a short lasso that is soft and easy to manage. Calf ropes made out of hemp or nylon are great choices for beginners because they're much simpler to control and they perform well. We recommend options like the Top Hand Ropes Buckaroo Kid's Rope or the Cactus Ropes Sizzler Rope.

[FAQ] What's the Difference Between Head Ropes and Heel Ropes?

Head ropes are typically fastened to the neck or horns of a calf and range 30 to 32 feet in length. Heel ropes are used to wrap around the heel of a calf and can be up to 35 feet in length. Since head ropes are shorter, they are lighter to transport and easier to manage.

[FAQ] How do Calf Ropes and Head Ropes Compare?

While both calf ropes and head ropes are used in roping activities, the main difference between the two is how they're used. A head rope is typically used for team roping, and a calf rope is most commonly used in tie-down roping.